News categories are changing, say sociologists.  Image: Shutterstock
23rd February 2017

The Independent Press Standards Organisation says it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to improve religious coverage. Step forward the Religion Media Centre. Can it deliver? Jonathan Elliott investigates.

15th February 2017

DOUGLAS Murray visits Nigeria’s killing fields and tells LAPIDO he believes distaste for Nigerian Christianity is undermining its advocacy.  Photo: Stefanos Foundation

8th February 2017

WHY do pastors organize programs promising to liberate people from poverty? “That’s how programs sell...You have to tell people what they want to hear,” a pastor tells OLABISI DEJI-FOLUTILE.


John Kerry: Hopes to end sectarianism in Syria 'for ever'
5th October 2016

I was very struck by Secretary of State John Kerry’s wish yesterday to ‘end sectarianism for ever’ in Syria.  There speaks a man either utterly innocent of any history, or th

25th April 2016

There are indications that media producers are getting on the religious literacy bandwagon. 

The Markazi Masjid in Yorkshire, England, is one of the largest UK mosques, holding 4,000 worshippers.
20th January 2016

SOME UK mosques have struck out against proposals by Government for regulation of Islamic madrassas, or religious supplementary schools attended by children after their regular instruction.