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New Statesman writer Tom Holland called us ‘bold and timely’.  Muslim former radical Ghayasuddin Siddiqui praises our ‘objectivity’.  Lapido Media is now seeking to build on its reputation for in-depth reportage in the new field of religious literacy in world affairs.

We are building a register of journalists who understand that religion and politics do mix, and that faith is everywhere.  Are you religion savvy enough to interview the headmaster of the latest High Wycombe jihadi? Or cover Rumi's Kitchen for the homeless in Brent Mosque? Would you understand the motivation of a Christian-founded environmental project in Lebanon? Or know how to get an interview with the Nizamuddin Emir of the Tablighi Jamaat?

If that matters to you; and if you’ve got shorthand and a portfolio of relevant work, contact us about commissions now.  NUJ rates apply.

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If you’d like to get involved, and feel you have something to offer, we would be pleased to hear from you.  There are lots of opportunities for graduates with a degree in law, media studies, international relations or sociology of religion.  We are particularly interested in aspiring journalists. 


Nick Eastwood interned with us during the winter of 2012/13. An avowed atheist with a good degree in philosophy from Reading, he had never had a job:

"I finally have something noteworthy and worthwhile to put on my CV, from a very reputable source. This is invaluable, as it is very difficult to get such experience without having had a previous job. I know now that I can be useful in ways that I did not previously believe I could be. I have learnt a lot about world affairs, and I am now more interested in the news and current running stories.                             

Being ignorant of world affairs was something that I desperately wanted to rectify. To be able to understand the importance of the religious dimension of these stories is invaluable. Being able to say I know what is happening, for example, in Syria, is something that I am proud of and owe to this internship. Jenny has given me very good guidance which I shall not forget."


Sophie Willis is a third-year undergraduate at Newcastle University.  She is studying History and Philosophy and interned at Lapido Media over the summer of 2011:

"I have learnt more in the past month working at Lapido Media, than I have in the past two years of University. I have come away with new skills and a deeper understanding of the role religion plays in politics and society worldwide. Going into my third year at university in October I have decided to base my dissertation on a research topic that I began in my short stint with Lapido.  Jenny is an excellent mentor. The energy she has put into teaching and encouraging me has given me so much confidence in my own ability to write and research. Jenny’s hands-on approach has opened up many doors for my future. Shadowing Jenny to her various meetings and conferences has made the experience intense and exciting. I have loved every minute of it!"


Jessica MasonJessica Mason is a third-year legal studies MA student at SOAS, London University who interned for Lapido Media in 2010:

“I first heard of Lapido Media from a friend who was interning at the time; she was moving on to another job and was seeking her replacement. I was a bit apprehensive about the position, as I had never done any work outside of academia before. I also had little training in media. However, my time here has been an incredible learning experience. Sharpening my research skills has been particularly valuable, as has becoming familiar with the English-language media. Dr. Taylor’s exposition on media writing has helped to cut down on a somewhat meandering style developed in university. I also had several opportunities to work on my own interests as they related to Lapido’s purpose.“