Religious Literacy - Handy Books on Religion in World Affairs

Globalization – the economically-driven ‘one-world community’ – has brought the world of religions to our doorstep. We cannot pretend any longer that it is a private matter best ignored. Religious literacy means understanding that religion has consequences and anticipating them. What people believe influences everything from politics, to education, sex, international affairs and security: all crucial beats for journalists and other professionals.

Newsletter - Autumn 2016

In this issue:

Religious literacy on the agenda inWestminster
Founder takes on new role
Book launch sparks ISIS debate in US
Caliphate books sent to newsdesks
Lapido chief gives lecture at PA

Newsletter - Winter 2016

In this issue:

Caliphate handbook 'timely and vital'
Report is a 'missed opportunity'
Faith and the media explored
Poignant interview scoops prize
Journalists back plans for export service
Newswire training day success
The future of the media - in 140 characters

The Caliphate

Continuing our new series
Handy Books on Religion in World Affairs

‘Caliph’ was the title given to the leaders of the Muslim world who followed Muhammad himself. Although formally abolished in 1924, the caliphate is today an aspiration for Muslim extremist groups Islamic State, al-Qa’ida, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir, symbolising for them the re-birth and re-unification of Muslim power.

Newsletter - Spring 2015

In this issue:

Getting Religion event ignites debate
Lapido: at the forefront of religious literacy
Briefings for journalists
New Handbook for Journalists: Everything you need to know about the caliphate
Arne Fjeldstad’s worldwide legacy