Jenny Taylor

‘Disgraceful’ Church of England leaves persecuted Nigerians to their fate

by - 15th February 2017

A young girl in her Sunday best at Sho village, Barkin Ladi in Plateau State displays a Fulani bullet scar. Photo: Stefanos Foundation

DOUGLAS Murray visits Nigeria’s killing fields and tells LAPIDO he believes distaste for Nigerian Christianity is undermining its advocacy.  Photo: Stefanos Foundation

NEWS FOCUS Eurocrats back new European Academy of Religion

by - 7th December 2016

Professor Alberto Melloni: ‘religion is not about fire fighting’
Professor Alberto Melloni: ‘religion is not about fire fighting’

A DOSE of seventeenth-century Persian poetry might do more than the Prevent programme and its ilk ever could, believes Professor Melloni.

Memo to James Purnell: will you take religion seriously?

by - 25th November 2016

THE SUNDAY TIMES may be running a piece this Sunday that goes along the lines – purely invented by the reporter – that Christians are furious, following the departure of Aaqil Ahmed, at the incorporation of religion into the brief of a non-specialist executive James Purnell because it is bound

Syrians need a common enemy

by - 5th October 2016

I was very struck by Secretary of State John Kerry’s wish yesterday to ‘end sectarianism for ever’ in Syria.  There speaks a man either utterly innocent of any history, or the greatest prophet since Bonhoeffer. 

Syria, like Nigeria, Sudan and Iraq is another of those colonial gambits based upon the exigencies of war, that then had to make a go of peace.

Trevor Phillips - still wrong

by - 25th April 2016

There are indications that media producers are getting on the religious literacy bandwagon.